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A for Amaranth Seeds | A to Z of Indian Foods

India is home to some of the most interesting healthy foods in the world. And since we have grown up with these amazing foods all around us, we sometimes forget how lucky we are. With this thought in mind, we bring to you the A to Z of Indian Food Series! In this series, we will reintroduce you to some Indian superfoods that you may have forgotten or may not have eaten yet.


In this article, we start with A – Amaranth. This crop, although originally from the Aztec Empire, entered India over 2000 years ago and has carved out a unique place in our culture. All across North India, is called “Ramdana” meaning “Grain of Lord Rama” or “Food of the Gods”. This high status has been given owing to the may benefits both the leaves and the seeds of this crop provide.


Read on to know everything you need to about this powerhouse!

English Name

Amaranth Seeds


Common Indian Names

Rajgira, Ramdana, Lahi

How we eat it
      1. Rotis
      2. Boiled and eaten like rice
      3. Amaranth flour is used for dredging
      4. Lahi or popped rajgira is the OG cornflakes of India. It is mixed in milk and eaten as a breakfast item in various parts of India
      5. Used by bakers in gluten-free bread
Claim to fame

Farhal rotis, rajgira ka laddoo and chikki

Health Benefits
      1. Gluten-free
      2. It is a pseudocereal (i.e. it is a nut that behaves like a cereal). It is easier to digest, hence the consumption on fast days.
      3. High protein, fibre, and minerals including calcium, and magnesium.
      4. Rich in antioxidants that protect the heart from oxidative damage.
      5. Reduces inflammation in the body, mainly IgE levels that increase during allergies.
      6. Amaranth seeds are a good source of iron, making them great for women during their menses
What makes it so special for diabetics

Amaranth seeds are an excellent source of chromium. Chromium is an essential mineral for enhancing insulin activity thus helpful for diabetes.
2 Rotis give you all the chromium you need for daily health. As amaranth seeds are rich in fibre it is beneficial in reducing both fasting and postprandial blood sugar levels.

(Also read: 5 steps to manage your type 2 diabetes)

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes, adding amaranth seeds can be a great place to start. However, you should consider making larger changes in your food and lifestyle. Start your health journey with this article or you can sign up for my one-on-one diabetes reversal program.

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