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The THP Story

Khushboo Jain Tibrewala

We have been gifted with one of the most versatile tools on this planet. The human body can achieve feats that we are yet to fully understand and unravel. The same body that is possibly giving you aches & pains has the power to give you a life that is alive! You can run the marathon at 65, you can climb Mt. Everest, you can travel the world with your partner even in your 80s, you can enjoy that glass of wine without getting hungover, you can do every single thing that you set your heart on till your last breathe. Your body is equipped to do all of this. All it needs is your support.

I am Khushboo Jain Tibrewala, I am a Nutritionist & Diabetes Educator. I aim to help you bring back the vitality lying dormant within you. I reverse lifestyle disorders like type 2 diabetes, PCOS, fatty liver, obesity, autoimmune disorders, gut disorders like IBS, GERD, SIBO, etc.

I do so using my unique blend of modern health science and the wisdom our ancestors left behind.

Over the past 14 years, I have worked with 10000+ individuals helping them achieve the health of their dreams. There are a few things have learned after all the work done.

        1. You are unique – There is no one diet or one style that works with everyone. Every individual is different and the recommendations given should be unique too.
        2. Getting healthy is done as a family – As a Nutritionist, I am entering your kitchen, the most sensitive part of any home. If the solutions I offer do not resonate with you as a family, then my work is of no use, since you will never sustain what we do.
        3. Nutrition education Just like it is better to teach someone how to fish instead of giving them the fish, it is more important for me to empower you with guidelines, hacks and tricks that will keep you on your health journey for years. I have designed multiple tools that help my clients sustain changes for years after the program has ended.
        4. Secret to reversing lifestyle disorders Diet alone can only take a few steps ahead. To reverse lifestyle disorders, Khushboo incorporates 4 pillars of good health (she calls this The Health Quartet) – Food, Mind, Activity & Nature. These 4 pillars when improved, can reverse or improve almost any lifestyle disorder.

The Health Pantry is born out of the marriage of modern science with traditional, age-old knowledge and this unique experience. Through The Health Pantry, Khushboo and her team are committed to restoring the default setting of your body, reversing lifestyle disorders and reaching the peak of your fitness levels.

Education & Background

  • BSc. Applied Nutrition
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Science & Fitness Nutrition
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management
  • Certificate in Gut Microbiomics
  • Certified by the National Diabetes Educator Program
  • Certificate of Completion – LOW FODMAP Diet, Monash University
  • Certificate of Completion – Functional Medicine in Clinical Nutrition

Corporate Clients


Your nutrition blueprint is as unique as your fingerprint. Have the conversation that matters by connecting with our health strategist, Khushboo Jain Tibrewala, in a 15-minute power-packed capsule that will help you take the first step towards achieving your personal, family or business nutrition needs