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Unprocess your life – achieve the 3 Rs to reinstate the natural settings of your body


the default settings of your body and optimising health


lifestyle disorders like obesity, diabetes, PCOS, hypertension, heart disorders, IBS, anxiety, and so on;


the peak of your fitness levels, especially for dancers, marathoners and athletes


Signature Programs

Become your own nutrition expert with personalized coaching from the Health Pantry

Group Programs

The Tribe that eats together, stays healthy together!

Corporate Wellness

Master the balancing act between your health and work life!

Nutrition Consulting

Get the expert advice to design your cafeteria or office meals


"I was 120 kgs, when I first visited Khushboo. Within the first month, I lost 7.5 kg and in just 3 months I had reached 102kg. The amazing part was, she never asked me to starve or cut down my food intake; she made dieting so easy. I discovered an all-new me."

- Tejas Sustainable Weight Loss

"Khushboo has been a guide, mentor, and friend, who always put my health first and worked towards long-term betterment, rather than offering quick fixes. She suggested what was best for my health, taking into consideration my work hours and various dietary habits."

- Neha Kapoor

"I visited Khushboo for my Diet and Lifestyle assessment. The assessment which she provided, motivated me to go on a diet and actually proved to be very helpful, also helping me to lose those extra 4-5 kgs I wanted to."

- Siddhesh Wairkar

"Khushboo takes a friendly approach towards diet counselling and overall health. Her plan is structured around the way your life "IS" and not in an idealized way that it "SHOULD" be. Her constant push and feedback helped me keep up!"

- Subhash Dawda

"Ms. Khushboo is extremely conscientious; she listens carefully and takes into account your background, concerns and personal goals to devise the right diet for you. She is extremely friendly and recommends simple dietary changes which are easy to implement without much effort."

- Aditya Ghosh

"Khushboo is very attentive, professional, and a non-judgemental nutritionist. I could speak with her openly and she heard me out patiently. She never made me feel talked down to, during our conversation. I am experiencing positive results with her advice."

- Alka Goel Overall Lifestyle Improvement

"Seeing THP’s positive impact on my friend, I approached Khushboo. She ensured I didn’t starve, and my diet comprised the right amount of nutrients. She transformed my lifestyle with subtlety and easy-to-adapt changes. She guided me personally, despite the lockdown"

- Anonymous

"Khushboo got to the root cause of my unhealthy relationship with food. She eliminated the word ‘Cheat Meal’ from my life and made me stop weighing myself every morning. She helped me overcome my compulsive eating, improve my PCOS and lose inches!"

- Karuna Gupta

"Khushboo ensures a friendly environment, rather than just an interrogation session. After understanding the nitty-gritties of my lifestyle, she suggested a very easy-to-follow plan. She also gave me significant tips for life, as well as quick recipes"

- Rahul Joshi

"My objective was to lose weight. We worked out a sustainable plan for me, starting with food items that my body was used to. In a short span of 9 months, I’ve seen good results; I’m consistently losing weight and able to follow the diet consistently."

- Sachin Garg

"My ENT recommended Khushboo, to fix my bad lifestyle. What I liked the most is, she doesn’t have a one-size fits all kind of approach. Even during the lockdown, she went to great lengths to formulate the best-suited personal plan for me."

- Vishal Sharma

"I was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. On consulting with Khushboo, she suggested dietary and lifestyle changes, and soon I really started feeling better and energetic. My bowel issues are resolved, and I feel much fitter than ever before."

- Joyjit Mukherjee
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