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Corporate Health Carnival

Are you the corporate powerhouse that advocates a healthy work-life balance? Would you like to help your employees achieve a powerful personal routine that elevates their life in every aspect? Do you want to be the company that facilitates a low-stress environment where employees stay fit together, as a team? Then start with helping your employees celebrate wellness by achieving optimal health levels that help them become more productive and motivated at work and in life.

Mounting work stress can lead to a whole lot of health issues and plays a major role in ruining employee health and happiness. Here is a one-stop solution from The Health Pantry (THP) for all your worries! Our Corporate Wellness Workplace Wellness/Corporate Kitchen/Fit Family/#fittogether program is designed in such a way so as to help executives master the balancing act, adapt to a healthy and nutritious lifestyle as well as a positive work culture that benefits them on a personal and professional level.

Why is incorporating wellness with work culture important?

  • Over 1/5th of Indians is living with constipation — a silent killer that impacts memory, productivity, and stress levels.
  • 27% lower absenteeism prevails for those workers who are healthy and exercise regularly.
  • 43% of the Indian workforce is suffering from obesity or other weight-related issues.
  • 70% of employees enrolled in wellness programs have reported higher job satisfaction than those not enrolled in their company’s programs. (Aflac, 2019)


Corporate Wellness Plans

  • Elevate Your Work Routine: Teatime sessions personally led by Khushboo Jain Tibrewala, that helps employees in many ways such as improved gut health, steady nutrition plans, recognising and coping with hunger pangs, and much more!
  • Pop-ups: Short-duration sessions that help employees fast-track their health goals, in keeping with their body type. 
  • Open Days: A one day bootcamp with our health expert that gives you the best health strategy and tools to lead a nutrition-packed life.

We also offer DIY Health Programs, specialised plans for gut health, healthy habit lifestyle plans and special online modules.

Book your free 15 minutes exploratory call

Your nutrition blueprint is as unique as your fingerprint. Have the conversation that matters by connecting with our health strategist, Khushboo Jain Tibrewala, in a 15-minute power-packed capsule that will help you take the first step towards achieving your personal, family or business’ nutrition needs


Discover how good nutrition can be a boost for employee productivity and make you a better place to work at. Connect with us to find out the nutrition solutions best suited for your company.