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Krishna’s Journey: Fatty Liver and Diabetes Reversal

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Meet Krishna!

A 56 year old, Male, living in Mumbai

When we first spoke he presented with multiple lifestyle disorders. He had Type 2 Diabetes, Fatty Liver and an altered Lipid Profile – high cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL-C (bad cholesterol) levels and low HDL-C (good cholesterol). He also complained of itching on the face and pigmentation on the forehead and cheeks.

His main goal was to reverse these disorders and live a healthy life without being dependent on medication. We got him started on our Diabetes Reversal Program.

Initial Goal: To Stay Off Diabetes Medication

Our Analysis

After looking into his body composition, health history, blood work, family history, current health status, daily routine and daily diet, sleep pattern and stress levels we made the following inferences.

      1. His three metabolic disorders  – Type 2 Diabetes, Fatty Liver and Dyslipidemia (i.e.High Cholesterol Levels) as well as symptoms of itching and pigmentation have a common root cause – Insulin Resistance (IR)
      2. His overall diet and lifestyle were quite healthy actually. But, his meals were very high in carbohydrates and fats but quite low in protein and fibre. He was also sedentary other than a morning walk and some basic daily chores.
      3. While he never had any big, active stressors, he was handling a delicate personal issue that troubled him. (we won’t be sharing this, very personal part of his journey on the blog, for obvious reasons.)

He was a classic case of a metabolic disorder that develops due to an unbalanced diet, chronic stress (unhappiness) and a sedentary lifestyle.

He did not have 3 disorders, and then other smaller issues, he had one issue – Insulin Resistance. Everything he mentioned was a symptom of one issue called Insulin Resistance.

This is a very common situation today. We get our blood work done, find multiple values off and a doctor gives us a list of disorders you now have. This school of thought looks at just symptom management with no real treatment to solve the root cause. The minute you see any of these issues, assume you have Insulin Resistance and start working on that. If after 3 months of work, certain numbers are still off then you consider them independent and treat them differently.

Coming back to Krishna!

Our Journey Together

Phase 1: Fixing the Basics 

We started with fixing the basics. Taught him to balance his meals, replace bad fats with food ones and add protein in each and every meal. Simulataneously, we got his movement up and water intake up.

Phase 2: Fixing Insulin Resistance 

Once a robust overall routine was established, we started getting deeper. We gradually switched to a low glycemic index diet, added nutrients that support insulin sensitivity and amped fat loss. This was done through our signature “Health Quartet” technique that is ensures you transform in every aspect of your life, not just diet and exercise.

In just 2 months, he had a lost a good 5-6 kgs weight, his skin pigmentation had lightened up and the itching had completely resolved. His sugar levels were always ideal and a quick blood test showed us a tremendous improvement in HbA1c, Liver Enzymes and Triglycerides.

We now focused on bringing back liver enzymes, maintaining sugar levels for another 3 months to then be able to confirm the remission.

Phase 3: Maintenance
This is the toughest phase of anyone’s journey. You are so close to the finish line, but you tend to slip up here. The main effort was put on making healthy living easy and sustainable for him.



Changes in Weight:

At the start: 82 kg, more fat, less muscle

At the end: 71.8 kg, less fat, more muscle


Changes in Blood Parameters: 

Blood Parameters  Before  After
HbA1c  7% 5.6%
Fasting Glucose  115 mg/dl 87 mg/dl 
Average Glucose  152 mg/dl 114 mg/dl
SGPT 44.1 U/L
Cholesterol  241 mg/dl 201.7 mg/dl
Triglycerides  358 mg/dl 117 mg/dl
HDL Cholesterol 38.4 mg/dl  40.4 mg/dl
LDL Cholesterol 131 mg/dl  137.9 mg/dl 


In 6 months, we were able to bring everything back to normal (except 1-2 lipid parameters which are higher than I want them to be, but coming down). His diabetes has been put into remission, his fatty liver reversed, most lipids normalised and he looks like a new person. He is getting compliments from everyone who meets him, he is feeling absolutely fantastic about his own health and enjoying giving himself this priority for the first time in his life.


If you resonate with Krishna’s journey, I hope you took some inspiration too. After years of being misguided, when he finally went into the depths and took control, he found his way back to good health.

If you have health goals that you have been finding difficult to accomplish or plan for, feel free to book an exploratory call with me. You can click on this link.

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All the best


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