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A Bride’s Guide to Looking Fab!

Ever wondered how some brides look like a Fairytale Princess has come to life? Well, it’s easier than you think. Here are some of there secrets.

Girls are generally a lot more excited about getting married than men are. There is something about the whole experience of getting married that gets us really wired. I think it has something to do with all the love & attention we get from the boy, his family, your family.

For me, three months before the wedding, my only objective in life was to ensure everything from my lehenga to hair to make up to Mehendi is perfect on the big day. I spent god knows how many hours skimming through bridal magazines, created multiple boards on Pinterest and started following every relevant Instagram account. I have even woken up in the middle of the night scared crazy because of a nightmare that involved smokey eyes gone wrong.

Now I know a lot of you will find this silly, and trust me, I am embarrassed myself, but the truth of the matter is that whether you agree or not, that one day completely changes your life. You want the wedding to be perfect because you want your life to be perfect! Here is a guide that you should most definitely use as a guideline for your health and beauty regime before the wedding.

When to Start?

Ideally, you need 6 months to start looking and feeling the way you want. However, 3 months is a good time frame as well!

Who is this guide for?

If you want drastic results in a matter of days or weeks, then I suggest you switch to another source right away! I somehow find it excruciatingly painful to convince people otherwise. It’s very simple, if you cannot respect and value your own body, then no one will. The way you treat yourself is a reflection of how you feel others should treat you as well.

What is to be done?

Follow the below mentioned steps and you should be good.

  1. Identify Your Goals:
    Well, you have to start with identifying the key areas of focus. Some common ones among brides and grooms are Fat Loss, Restoring Hormonal Balance, Improve Skin Health – dullness, hyperpigmentation, acne, dark circles, dryness, Hair Quality, Weight Gain, Body Toning, Stamina, Endurance, Aches and Pains.So based on what your current status is, it is crucial to have a clear goal!
  2. Create Realistic Targets:
    It is fairly simple to identify an appropriate goal. What gets a little more complicated, though, is how you define it. I know most people will target something like 25 kgs in 2 months or absolutely clear skin within 15 days. But, these things take time. Set realistic targets for yourself.If you know that losing 25 kgs is what you need, then either start 6-8 months prior or create a more realistic target like say 6-7 kgs in 2 months. And then to ensure you look even better on the big day, work on your posture, get rid of the double chin with the correct exercises, improve the quality of your skin and hair. These changes will make a very big impact!Ideally, you need 6 months to start looking and feeling the way you want. However, 3 months is a good time frame as well!
  3. You Are What You Eat:
    Create a really good eating regime. Crash diets will not help you. They tend to impact the quality of hair, add to your existing stress levels, leading to acne, sleeplessness, fatigue. We just don’t want that kind of stress!Here’s a list of changes that you should definitely make:
    Hydrate – Drink at least 3 litres of water every day
    Alkaline – Incorporate green leafy vegetables, sprouted grains, alkaline water, lemon and ginger water. This will really clear up your skin and improve gut health.
    Go Gluten-Free – This will clear up your skin, improve energy levels and help you with a foggy mind.
    Go Lactose-Free – Milk and milk products can impact your gut health plus causes acne and hormonal imbalance, especially if you are already managing PCOS, Insulin Resistance or Diabetes.
    Eliminate All Sugar and Processed Foods – This one is tough! But, trust me, you will not regret. Stay away from sugar, honey, jaggery, fruit juices, desserts, jams, and sugar substitutes.
    Healthy Fats – Good fats include Nuts, Seeds, Coconut, Ghee, Unsalted Butter. These are essential for hormonal balance. Plus, there is an entire category of vitamins that are fat-soluble. These cannot function without fat.
    Carbohydrates – Reduce your carbohydrate intake and eat only complex carbohydrates. This means you’ve got to eliminate all processed versions of carbs like noodles, pasta, bread, maida, etc. Eat more millets, rice, sweet potato, potato.These are some very basic dietary guidelines. Use it as a starting point. However, if you have any medical condition or require drastic results, it is advisable to get yourself a customized diet. You can speak to me or any good diet coach for the same.
  4. Shut The Monkey Brain:
    Wedding planning, as well as the first few months, are going to test your mental strength a lot. How you deal with challenges can completely change the outcome, in terms of your health as well as relationships. Some of us have the habit of eating larger meals due to stress, some stop eating altogether and some crave sugar.None of these “coping” mechanisms are doing you any good. What truly will help is training your monkey brain (that constant crap speaking voice inside) to stay silent. Meditation is ideal, but if time does not permit, then practice mindfulness especially while eating.Another thing to do is to simply close your eyes and take three deep breathes each time you find yourself harrowed or confused.
  5. Stay Active:
    Exercising is one thing. And it goes without saying that you’ve got to exercise for at least 30 minutes, five times a week and a minimum of 2 of these sessions should be strength training based workouts. What I really want you to do is to move around through the day. Get your own water, make your coffee, walk short distances, take the stairs, move around as much as you can. Get an activity tracking app or watch and ensure you take about 10,000 steps daily. This is in addition to your workout.The human body is not meant to sit for hours on end.
    If your daily routine involves endless hours of sitting, you should get off your seat every 30 minutes and take a 2-minute stroll. Stretch your calves, roll your shoulders and blink. The point is that you have to keep moving. There is no amount of exercise that can substitute this habit. Just start!

These were very basic steps that every bride-to-be can start with. Just remember one thing, your wedding changes your life completely, and how you enter this new life is crucial. Looking fabulous should be a result of good health and not at the cost of your health.

I have designed some amazing wellness plans for brides and grooms. If you feel you need to come and discuss your health goals and challenges or if you need someone to hold your hand and support you as you get healthy, you can always give me a call.

Hope this information helps you. Cheers!

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