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What is the Diabetes Masterclass?

This masterclass is a 60-minute live session with Khushboo. You will learn everything you need to know about Type 2 Diabetes Diet and Lifestyle. You can manage it more effectively, reverse it and prevent it after this program. Khushboo will answer all your queries, and share recipes, hacks and diet guidelines to jumpstart your journey. 

The masterclass is designed to provide simple actionable changes with which you will see a drop in your blood sugar levels in as short as 14 days.


  1. If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes
  2. If you have other co-morbidities like fatty liver, high lipid levels, hypertension, PCOS etc.
  3. If you have a strong family history (parents, grandparents, sibling)
  4. If your parent, spouse, sibling, etc has diabetes and you need to understand how you can support them best
  5. If you are curious about the subject and would like to understand it better


A beautiful session, very informative for everyone. I joined to help my mother but Khushboo made the session so fun and easy, that my mother herself was able to listen and understand what to do as well. ” – Vandana Shah


I have been following Khushboo on Instagram for a long, she is such a great talker, her words always inspire you to do better so enrolling in the masterclass was a no brainer and I was not disappointed, she was lively and amazing as usual and her passion for helping food and helping people wins you over.” – Nirav Sharma



      1. Live session with Khushboo (online)
      2. The Ultimate Diabetes Masterclass Manual
            • Diabetes 101
            • The Big 4 – my secret to successful diabetes remission
            • 10+ low GI recipes by Khushboo
            • Glucose Tracking Guide
            • Shopping List
            • Recommended Brand & Product List
      3. Special Discount on Personalised Program
      4. 2 Week Follow Up


Date: 21st November 2023
Time: 7:00 pm IST
Mode: Online, link will be sent, recording will not be given


Fee: INR 2000 OR USD 30 per person

If you wish to pay us in dollars or via NEFT, please Whatsapp with us at +91-9920973919 or email at contact@thehealthpantry.in


The session was amazing, lots of great learning, and in-depth knowledge was shared. Khushboo was very interactive and answered all the questions nicely. It was great, thank you. ” – Ravi Mehra


Before the diabetes masterclass my sugars were never good, but knowing about the root cause and the different things that increase levels I realised what the problem was. Khushboo also gave direct and easy rules to follow. thank you beta.” – Pramila Gupta


” Thank you for this experience that was the diabetes masterclass. To say it had a positive impact on my health would be an understatement. Even though I didn’t follow the advice given 100%, there was an actual drop in sugars after 2 weeks, please keep up the good work.” – Sonali Bhatt


I have been diabetic for 20 years and still learned new things through this class. Khushboo ma’am gave us simple changes to include in our life which is for all ages. I was not sure about this class because I thought diabetes could not come down after so many years, but everything Ma’am spoke about changed my mind and helped me add good habits to my life.” – Tarini Kumar


A very big thank you to Khushboo, I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and was soo confused with all the information on social media, different people saying different things I didn’t know what to believe. Khushboo broke down the information to make it simple and easy to understand. She told us exactly what to do and even why, which allowed me to trust her. My lowered blood glucose levels after just 1 session are the biggest testament to her knowledge.” – Roshan Arya