Live a disease-free life,
put lifestyle disorders into remission

Live a disease-free life,
put lifestyle disorders into remission


Signature Health Program

A starter program for someone looking to improve their health and lifestyle through easy and sustainable changes.

Diabetes Reversal Program

A super specialised program that can help you get off your diabetes medication through sustainable food and lifestyle modifications.

Signature Health Program Plus

This program will help with all your health goals from weight loss to IBS and even autoimmunity disorders. A holistic program with more hours and better attention to clients.


Meet Your Nutritionist: Khushboo Jain Tibrewala

Khushboo is a Nutritionist & Diabetes Educator based out of Mumbai, India. She has worked with 10000+ individuals in her 14-year journey so far. Her primary focus is on the reversal, management & prevention of insulin resistance-related disorders like type 2 diabetes, obesity, PCOS, fatty liver, hyperuricemia, hypertension, depression, Alzheimer’s and more.  She has a unique consulting way that makes you forget the word “diet” and brings you closer to living a healthier and nourishing life.  She believes in combining our age-old food wisdom with modern health science to give her clients that are not just effective during the program but support you for years after. 

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