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C for Coconut | A to Z of Indian Foods

Ever wondered why we Indians start every important event with a Coconut?

Our wise ancestors knew how beneficial this fruit is and the ritual of cracking a coconut before starting anything important was their way of ensuring coconut reaches every home.

What is interesting is that in India we use the coconut fruit in all forms. The flower is used in Poojas, the tender fruit is perfect for hot summer days, the dry form is used in cooking and the driest version (known as copra) is used in making snacks or as prasad.

In this article, we will be talking about coconut for its health benefits. Because coconut is a fatty fruit, there are some myths about it. Read on to learn just how beneficial and unique this “almost Indian” fruit really is.

English Name



Common Indian Names

Hara Nariyal, Narikol, Tengai, Shriphal

How we eat it
      1. Coconut water as a refreshing drink
      2. After having coconut water, coconut meat is enjoyed as raw and fresh
      3. It is combined with a fruit salad
      4. Blend into smoothies and smoothie bowls
      5. To make appam batter
Claim to fame

Coconut water is a naturally well-packaged, sustainable, economical and super-nourishing beverage that is suitable for all ages and health conditions (except a few). This makes coconut popular across the globe, especially among health enthusiasts, athletes, and health professionals.

Health Benefits
      1. Tender coconut water contains natural sugars and electrolytes that provide an instant boost in energy.
      2. Coconut water is rich in Potassium, making it excellent for blood pressure regulation.
      3. Coconut water has a diuretic effect and is used widely for the removal of kidney stones.
      4. Coconut meat contains Medium Chain Triglycerides which –
          • Give instant energy
          • Provide the cells lining the gut
      5. Coconut meat is rich in capric acid and lauric acid. These are fatty acids that prevent viruses from growing in the body and boost the production of CD4 immune cells.
      6. Coconut water helps flush out toxins by supporting the natural detoxification functions of the liver.
      7. Coconut water and meat contain antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress.
      8. They are also anti-inflammatory foods that prevent the progress of multiple systemic health disorders.
What makes it so special for diabetics

The tender coconut is the perfect example of Nature’s top-notch management. Coconut water is a high glycemic index (it spikes blood glucose levels quickly). You, thus, have coconut meat, a source of fat and fibre, both of which will bring down the overall glycemic load and slow the spike in blood glucose levels.

Additionally, studies have shown a decrease in HbA1c levels of diabetics taking a small amount of coconut water with meat daily.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes, it can get confusing and intimidating to figure the diet that works for you, then you can start your health journey with this article or you can sign up for my one-on-one diabetes reversal program.





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    Nousheen Kauser

    My father is diabetic type 2 i want to know about do and don’ts he also has prostatic hyperplasia grade 3 what diet suits him kindly post

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